[lata is a creeping vine, a metaphor for graceful slimness with an element of tenacity] A Sound and Light Show

When a birth-control clinic opened nearby it was a huge success. Villagers came from miles around just to step on the automatic door mats and see the doors swing open. Inside a sound and light show illuminated the various methods of contraception in six dialects using life-sized models of people. A full selection of new products bearing the names of prominent movie stars was available: Agni Diaphragms, Prakesh Condoms. The best-seller was a Hanuman Prophylactic which came with a full color portrait of the Monkey God in one of his heroic poses. A display table illustrated the prizes and incentive awards that everyone was eligible for.

Dhobi asked himself over and over again the big question, "Is a vasectomy worth a transistor radio set?"

from The Census Taker by Marilyn Stablein